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Job Matching

In the Job-Matching-Mix – Landing the Job

As a job seeker, you try to find as many opportunities as possible to increase your chances of landing a job. The problem is, it’s a common mistake for job seekers to apply to too many positions without job matching first to ensure that they are actually a qualified candidate whom recruiters would actually consider. […]

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College Grads

College Seniors – Job Prep Before You Graduate

In today’s world, advanced degrees are not automatic golden tickets to dream jobs for college grads. It takes effort on the part of the graduate and job prep before you graduate, to land a job post-graduation. If you’re a senior, here’s how you can prepare for your professional future:  Explore what type of work you […]

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Job offer

Nailed the Interview – But No Job Offer

It’s enough to drive you crazy… Clearly your resume is acceptable because you got to the interview process, so the fault doesn’t lie there. You had ready-answers to SOAR questions (Situation, Obstacle, Action, and Result) that clearly demonstrated your skills, intelligence, and resourcefulness. Where is your job offer? The Reasons This list could be interminably […]

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Facebook Job Search

Facebook Job Search – Taking Your Job Search Social

Have you been thinking about taking your job search social? Here’s a few things you should know before you launch your Facebook job search. Like it or not, everything you do online is potentially available to anyone who Googles your name, including employers! And with research indicating that the majority of recruiters check search engines […]

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Optimized Resume

Get Hired – Love Your Job

You have been slogging through job boards for hours looking for that perfect position, and you finally find “the one.” It has the hours you want, the job you want to do, and the incentives are downright awesome. Before you click that submit button, you need to make sure your resume is going to be […]

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Interview Style

Interview Style – What’s Yours?

While you might think that making it to an interview is half the battle, the clothes you choose to wear also have a major impact on your interview. While you may have your own unique style, it might not be sending the message you want to convey. If you want to know what to wear […]

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Optimized LinkedIn

LinkedIn Connections: A Useful Resource for Your Job Search?

The answer is YES! Get signed up and create a professional LinkedIn profile, then connect to everyone you know. Optimize LinkedIn as a job search resource.  Once you see a job listing at a company that you would like to apply, search for contacts at the company on LinkedIn by using the “Companies” search bar.  […]

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Tough Job Market – 5 Job Search Tips That May Help

Yes, it’s tough out there.  And yes the days of submitting your resume to a prospective employer and anticipating a response are gone.  However, there are steps you can take to improve your odds of a call back. Check out 5 tips that may help improve your job search results in the current job market. 1.) Job Boards Employers […]

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How To Get The Highest Job Offer

The key to receiving the highest job offer is timing.  The best time to negotiate is after a job offer has been received.  Most companies have internal organizational charts which include salary ranges for each position.  For example, human resources professionals within a said company understand that they can offer a financial analyst with seven years of experience […]

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Your Chamber of Commerce: A Little Diamond in the Job Search Rough

There are a plethora of job search resources out there, from LinkedIn, to networking events, to taking advantage of career centers on campus. However, when you feel like your search methods have been exhausted, think about this: are you missing the most obvious option? For many, your local Chamber of Commerce isn’t the first place […]

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