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resume keywords can help

How Resume Keywords Can Help Get That Interview

Chances are, as a job seeker, you’ve hit the ‘send’ or ‘submit’ button to apply for a job opening and then spent days waiting for a call back that never came, leaving you to wonder if your resume was swallowed up by the Cyberspace void or actually seen and rejected by a real live person. […]

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resume optimization

Resume Optimization – How to Do a Proper Resume Layout

A resume is an important tool with which to reach potential employers. It is your opportunity to make a first impression by demonstrating your skillsets, experience, and capabilities. The hardest part is being satisfied with the finished product and starting to apply for your ideal job, but learning how to do a proper resume layout […]

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Hard and Soft Skills, Hard skills, soft skills

Hard and Soft Skills in Your Resume – What’s the Difference?

One thing you should realize is that employers are looking for candidates with hard and soft skills so it’s vital that your resume has a good balance of both. Let’s face it, when it comes to job searching today, it’s a hirer’s market! Companies are often inundated with applicants for open positions and regularly receive resumes […]

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Look at Your Resume

Take Another Look at Your Resume Baby

You’ve spent hours working on your resume, fine tuning everything so that you are sending the message you want to convey to the hiring manager. The problem is, your resume might not even make it to the hiring manager if doesn’t receive a high enough “score” from the Applicant Tracking System (ATS), and that score […]

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Resume Writing Services

Resume Writing Service Expectations – Then What?

It’s only the beginning And here you thought going to those Resume Writing Services was the end of it.  The way they promote and sell their product, you would think all you have to do is mail the end result to some unsuspecting employer, and they will sweep all the other resumes into the garbage […]

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Resume Best Practices

Resume Best Practices To Get Noticed In 2015

Resume Optimization Hiring Managers and Recruiters are going to be looking for some specific information.  Some of your resume best practices are pretty basic, however, if they don’t find these things, your resume is going to end up in the round-file (wastebasket). If they do find these things, you’ve bought about another 30 seconds of […]

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Resume Keywords

Resume Keywords – What’s all the Fuss About?

When most people hear the word “keywords,” they automatically think about the words entered into search engines when looking for a product or information. However, if you’ve never considered that word in relation to your resume, you are missing out on landing the job you want. Resume keywords are quickly becoming the most important part […]

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Resume Optimization

Resume Optimization – Is It Worth the Effort?

  You spend hours working on your resume. You make sure there are no typos, all the spacing is perfectly aligned, and every bit of information is correct. Then, you find a position you want to apply to, and you slap your cover letter on it and hit submit. Now, you just sit back and […]

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resume for hiring managers

Your Resume – What Do Hiring Managers REALLY Want?

Drafting a resume is quite possibly the most daunting task associated with finding a new job or career. After all, this is your one chance to sell yourself to someone so that he or she knows you are the right person for the job. So, do you know what hiring managers are actually looking for […]

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