How a Positive Online Image Can Benefit Your Career Search

There are tons of tactics that can help out your job search. Among them are getting the right experience, connecting with employers directly, or even sending out creative resumes.

Add to that list a positive online presence. This can benefit your job search and contribute to gaining employment in our digital world today. Here’s why:

Employers are looking for you online. In a recent poll, 89% of respondents noted that they are using social media when researching candidates. With this knowledge in mind, it’s in your best interest to be proactive with your online platforms. Be sure to maintain strict privacy settings, monitor what other people are saying on your pages, and post industry-related items to show your expertise.

This is not to say that you shouldn’t share your personality, too. Some employers would prefer a candidate who not only has the skills, but also fits their company culture. Creating a professional online brand is one way you can show both. The bottom line here to be yourself, as long as you stay professional and add real value to your platforms.

You can show your skills before you even get an interview. If the majority of employers are performing Google background searches, use it your advantage! Blog about your industry, connect with thought leaders on Twitter, ask rich questions on a company pages, etc. — by enhancing your online image, you give an employer a reason to contact you, apart from great experiences and recommendations. They can actually see your skills before you even land an interview.

Further, by showing off your skills and creating a positive online image, you give an employer a sort of real-time portfolio. They can see where you engage in conversations, how you interact with professionals, and how you answer questions related to your field. Remember, it all comes down to what you can do for them. Be sure to portray the sort of image that will help them in the long run.

No one wants a bad seed. When you work for a company, you effectively represent them, especially online. So, if you post your crazy weekend photos on Facebook, bash people on Twitter, or write angry blog posts, you are portraying a certain image that will be connected to the company. Employers know this information, which is why many of them conduct online background checks in the first place. When it comes down to it, no one wants a bad seed because they could cause havoc on an established brand.

Instead, focus your energy on posting positive updates and being the sort of candidate that they would want to hire. Lastly, don’t post anything if you know it’s going to get you in trouble in the long run. The Internet is written in ink, so if you have to think about it — don’t post it.

Do you have a positive online image? What does it say about you?

About Mary Marino

Mary Marino is the founder of, a job search resource. has launched its “Occupation Pipeline” widget, a unique tool which enables users to search employment opportunities by sourcing occupations and employers, rather than job titles. Connect with Mary at or on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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