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Resume Writing Services Expectations – Then What? by

It’s only the beginning

And here you thought going to those Resume Writing Services was the end of it.  The way they promote and sell their product, you would think all you have to do is mail the end result to some unsuspecting employer, and they will sweep all the other resumes into the garbage pail and call you in for an appointment before someone else hires you.

Optimize and target resume

Sadly it doesn’t work that way. Resumes still need to be fine tuned for the individual who is going to look at them. Resume Writing Services give you the skeleton. They provide the structure and some florid passages that make you say “Gee that sounds good!” however, they are incomplete.


Let’s say you have some very divergent work experience, such as, a Real Estate Agent, a Taxi Driver, an Assistant Manager at a very large national chain store, an Industrial Production Manager, and Head of Human Resources at a hospital. How are you going to list all those skills? Are you going to use all of them, all the time?

 Job 1

Personnel Manager for Trucking Company would best be served by these skills:

  • Head of Human Resources at a Hospital (Understands HR Principles)
  • Industrial Production Manager (Understands Industrial Personnel and their work style)
  • Assistant Manager at a National Chain Store (Organization skills)

 Job 2

Sales Manager for National Appliance Chain would best be served by these skills:

  • Assistant Manager at a National Chain Store (National Brand Experience)
  • Real Estate Agent (Persuading Skills, Selling Skills, Contract Skills)
  • Taxi Driver (People Skills)
  • HR at Hospital (People Skills)

This is only a brief example of course, and it’s possible to argue it many ways depending on the needs of the job. The point is that resume writing services aren’t going to know which job you’re applying for. They can’t optimize and target resumes to cover every possibility.

By necessity they make it generic, even when it sounds great. Now it’s up to you to take keywords right out of their job advertisement word for word, and without shame. Remember those are the words they’re looking for. People who avoid using the words from the job description are actually limiting their chances of getting selected.

Most businesses, even small ones, are now using ATS Software. Applicant Tracking Systems software is generally expensive, so small companies don’t ordinarily buy it. In order to subsidize the cost of ATS, larger companies make it available on a rental basis to smaller companies. What that means is your resume gets scanned by a computer program, and if it doesn’t have the right keywords, in the right order, in the right relationship to each other, your resume is getting kicked out before a human even sees it.

And don’t think of trying to beat the software by being clever. Putting a list of all the keywords at the end of your cover letter, or in your resume, in white type on white paper so that it’s invisible not only fails to fool the machine but actually triggers a rejection based on overuse and poor relationships between the words.

We have the tools you need to optimize and target your resume submission. Visit us today at Jobminx for a free trial. Upload your current resume, and paste in or select a Job Description for the position that you’re applying for and Jobminx will generate a job description keyword list to help you get past the ATS software and get noticed by hiring managers.  You simply select words from the list that match your skills and include them in your resume.

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