Tough Job Market – 5 Job Search Tips That May Help

The Job Market - 5 Job Search Tips

Yes, it’s tough out there.  And yes the days of submitting your resume to a prospective employer and anticipating a response are gone.  However, there are steps you can take to improve your odds of a call back. Check out 5 tips that may help improve your job search results in the current job market.

1.) Job Boards

Employers and recruiters use job boards such as to advertise employment opportunities. Many job boards allow you to submit your resume to a job seeker database; if you submit your resume to a job board database be sure to update your resume on a regular basis. Many recruiters do not consider a resume that has not been updated within the last 30 days, so don’t let your resume become stale.


 2.) Resume Marketing

Once considered a document to list only work history and education, today’s resume is viewed as an important marketing tool.  For best results, be sure to tailor your resume specifically to the job that you are applying. Use keywords and phrases that are relevant to the job posting.

3.) Referrals

Many positions filled by companies are referrals from current employees. Reach out to friends who work for the companies that you are interested in joining and let them know you are in looking for opportunities. Provide your referral network with an electronic copy of your resume as employers routinely seek out referrals prior to posting jobs or engaging a recruiter to source candidates.

4.) Develop an On-Line Presence

It’s well known fact that recruiters utilize social media to source job candidates. You should develop a professional profile on popular social sites. Sites such as LinkedIn offer you the ability to build a profile as well as network with professionals that have similar experience and career objectives.

5.) Persistence

Ten months; that’s how long professionals can expect the job search process to last. There are many qualified job seekers just like you competing for job opportunities so keep your expectations realistic and be patient. Understand that the job search process is a full time activity and you will work hard to find the right fit. 

What job search tips can you offer?


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